The first Gold Coast Dogs was opened on January 14th 1985, since then we have been serving nothing but the best hot dogs and keeping  a Chicago-style hot dog tradition alive. Gold Coast Dogs participates in special events such as Blues Fest and Taste of Chicago and we are proud that we are “Taste of Chicago” literally.

We have won Silver Plate from (Food and Industry News) three times for our appetizing hot dogs for the quality of our food and best customer service.

Our efforts were acknowledged by Chicago Sun Times for our hot dogs and hamburgers. Mr. James Ward (Channel 7, WLS-TV Chicago) mentioned Best hot dogs in Chicago.

Gold Coast Dogs was rewarded three stars from Chicago Tribune, also a label of outstanding food in Chicago Magazine.

Gold Coast Dogs has been featured many times by local T.V. channels Two, Five, Seven and Nine in their all time famous shows.

Our philosophy is to serve good food with good customer service. Currently, we are operating from our  locations at Midway Airport, O’ Hare International Airport, Union Station and, Chicago Loop.

Concessions Development Proposal

Chicagoans revere the hot dog. And for the real Chicago-style hot dog and so much more, there’s no place like Gold Coast Dogs.

Since a long time Chicagoans have known that the best place for a hot dog, char dog, Italian beef, brat or a Polish is Gold Coast Dogs. Originally located on North Clark Street, generations of Chicagoans and tourists alike made the journey North to visit this icon of Chicago flavor.

Not only does Gold Coast Dogs buy their meat from the best company in town – which all know is Vienna Beef, the only hot dog for Chicagoans – but they have a custom product just for Gold Coast Dogs. All beef, never frozen, natural casing and at 8”, it’s longer than the traditional dog so it peeks out the edge of the bun for that satisfying crunch before you ever get to the soft Alpha Baking poppy seed bun (also made in Chicago).

And don’t get us started on how to “drag it through the garden”. There’s only one way to make a real Chicago dog.

Real Chicagoans know its a crime to put ketchup on a hot dog. And don’t forget the celery salt. Locals and tourists alike look forward to a REAL Chicago hot dog and all the other great traditional foods at Chicago’s world class airports.

Dogs and So Much More!

We love our hot dogs, but Chicago is about so much more!

Gold Coast Dogs reveres its hot dogs, but knows that Chicagoans and visitors want the other great foods this city is known for. Italian beef simmering in a spicy blend of its own juices (or gravy as the Italians call it) served hot on a crisp Italian roll is among the best choices.

Ask for it dry, wet or dipped depending on how messy you’re wiling to get. Order it with hot or sweet peppers, plain or loaded with mozzarella or provolone. Ya gotta learn the lingo, baby! Oh, And take extra napkins. You’re gonna need ‘em.

Da Real Chicagoans
Grab a Polish!

Chicagoans also know a good hot dog joint knows hot to fix a great Polish sausage sandwich, Italian sausage or Bratwurst (yes, we do have some Wisconsin influence occasionally) And don’t forget a great Meatball Sub with Marinara.

We also serve the sides they expect – from Cheddar Fries to onion rings to chips Gold Coast Dogs won’t disappoint its loyal fan base!

And while we love the traditional hot dog preparation, we are truly happy to serve a customer their sandwich any way they like – add grilled onions, substitute an ingredient, or yes, we will give you ketchup if you ask nicely.

Read on about how we have moved beyond the traditional Chicago menu to serve customers from around the world at Chicago’s airports!


Take a famous Vienna® Beef Frank, serve it in a poppyseed bun, and “drag in through the garden”
in the following order:

Drag it through the garden! Vienna Beef, our premier Chicago-based supplier of hot dogs, introduced the hot dog to the world at at the 1893 Columbian Exposition. During the Depression it was considered a meal on a bun. With meat, vegetables and bread, it covered all bases. Today, Chicagoans still enjoy dragging their dogs through the garden for that meal on a bun!

Gold Coast Dogs in the Media

  • Recently noted as some of the best food at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in The Daily Meal (and picked up by The Huffington Post)
  • Cited in Jaunted.com in December 2011 for our superior Metropolis Coffee.
  • Cited as one of Four Cheap Chains That Do Lunch Well in the January 12, 2012 issue of Time Out Chicago
  • Cited on The Splendid Table website in the Where We Eat section
  • Silver Palette Award from Food Industry News: Three time winner
  • Featured in Luv Lines (A Southwest Airlines employee publication) as a top pick

Why Gold Coast Dogs?

A History in Chicago – The owners of Gold Coast Dogs take pride in its long history in Chicago. The first site opened in 1985 in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. First a franchisee, cousins Sulaiman Rahim and Hamid Hussein purchased the franchise system in 2002. Franchisees of the brand remain in downtown Chicago but the owners today focus all of their energy on the Gold Coast Dogs brand in Chicago’s airports.

A Chicago Souvenir – Many travelers to Chicago are looking for an authentic Chicago experience as their souvenir rather than a trinket. Many of them stop by as they are leaving our city and ask for a “real Chicago-style hot dog” with anticipation.

Hands-On Ownership – These two hard-working owners are in their stores on a daily basis, personally overseeing their long-term employees and engaging with customers and airport employees that love their products. Many employees have worked at Gold Coast Dogs for more than five years – virtually unheard of in the fast food industry. They treat their employees and their customers like family.

24-Hour Operation – We propose to be open 24 hours/day in the Triangle Food Court as we are today. We don’t do this because it is highly profitable. We do so to serve our fellow airport employees that deserve a hot meal even at 3am.

We Know Our Customers – After serving Midway consumers for 10 years (and O’Hare ones for nearly 20) we know our customers and what they need. Last year we began watching the growing population of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean consumers in the International Terminal 5 at O’Hare. We have added several Mediterranean and vegetarian items. After decades of operation as #5 in sales in the food court, we have, for many months now, come in #2 only behind McDonald’s. This was only done by observing the changing customer base, engaging our customers in conversation and being there, on-site to do so.

Consistent Performers – Gold Coast Dogs is a stalwart of the Midway concessions program. We have consistently posted the highest sales per square foot, while always presenting a positive image of Chicago.